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Players: Two or more; ages 5 and up https://crada.io/freelancer/

What You'll Need: A white elephant Wrapping paper (or newspaper) and tape https://crada.io/
Music https://crada.io/

How to Play: Before the game begins, Mom or Dad will need to make the parcel by wrapping something fun or silly they have around the house in layer upon layer of paper https://crada.io/
Using a different pattern or color for each layer will make it easier for kids to tell them apart https://crada.io/
To play, ask the kids to sit or stand in a circle, then turn on the music https://crada.io/freelancer/
Players pass the parcel around until an adult stops the music https://crada.io/freelancer/
The player who is holding the gift removes one layer of wrapping paper https://crada.io/
Start up the music again and continue playing until the final layer of paper is removed https://crada.io/freelancer/
The child who the prize can keep it or not https://crada.io/
This is also a fun game for children to play at birthday parties, but an adult ensures that the child celebrating opens a nice present https://crada.io/freelancer/

Steam has its own marketplace, where gamers can trade skins https://crada.io/
Gift cards to help gamers buy such skins are big business at Christmas, an obvious choice for anyone with a relative or a friend who loves nothing more than spending hours in front of a game https://crada.io/

Gamer Demographics https://crada.io/freelancer/

Players: Five or more, ages 5 and up https://crada.io/freelancer/

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